Sascha works with schools and education organisations on strategy and cultural change. She specialises in marketing, rebranding, business development and customer engagement. In particular, she works with leadership teams and governors to identify strategic barriers and find creative solutions to overcome them. 

Her innovative work has been recognised by multiple award bodies


She was a winner at the International Engage Awards for her reinvention of marketing and admissions whilst at Kent College Pembury. This included designing a bespoke, personalised customer led admissions experience and creating a series of interactive and inspiring Open Mornings. She was described as a ‘unique talent’ by the awards committee.

She was Highly Commended by the Women in Marketing Awards as an 'inspirational leader' for her work  ‘inspiring, encouraging and effecting change’.

She was a finalist in the TES Independent School Marketing Campaign of the Year for a highly innovative rebranding and programme of interactive and immersive Open Mornings.

A teaser trailer for an Immersive Spy Adventure at Kent College Pembury

A unique live streamed Christmas Concert

for Stoke College

Whether in bricks-and-mortar institutions or in EdTech, Sascha Evans is one of the most energetic, imaginative, constructively critical and can-do people I've ever worked with.

She quickly grasps the nature of a problem and offers not only her own forensic and apt solutions, but has a team of creatives around her who can deliver within a clear timeframe. She understands budgets and business imperatives intuitively.

Joe Francis,

Founder Scholar 6 and Brillder.com and formerly Senior Master, Eton College

An interactive Open Morning based around time travel

How to hold Speech Day in a virtual world

I cannot recommend Sascha enough!  She has worked with Stoke College

for 18 months, focusing on marketing, PR, admissions and every aspect regarding our corporate image.  The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes, for our school roll is busier than ever, as the good name of the school has grown locally, regionally and internationally.

Whether working on marketing campaigns or directing vibrant film work of the children at play and work, Sascha has been an inspirational colleague: creative yet practical, a perfectionist in her own work balanced with a terrific motivating force amongst the students, staff and parents.  Stoke College owes this remarkably energetic force of nature a great debt!

Dr Gareth Lloyd,

Principal Stoke College

Easing students transition back to school after lockdown

Fearless Girls: An Open Day to empower girls

Sascha is a pleasure to work with.  Always in command of the detail, she quickly sees the bigger picture and grasps the key issues.


Her clarity and strategic focus are particularly impressive in summing up the strengths and weaknesses of different schools and in generating possible strategies for future growth: insightful and perceptive, her solutions are consistently imaginative, creative and absolutely on the money.

Christopher Davis, 

Former Headmaster and now education consultant

A new way to promote virtual learning – how to market a school when it isn’t open

Forest Explorers: A outdoors Open Morning for a Prep School

Whilst at Kent College, Sascha developed a range of interactive open events which had tremendous appeal for the pupils and families visiting the school.

Julie Lodrick, 

Headmistress Kent College Pembury

Promoting international boarding