• Sascha Evans

Are you a Rebel? Or a Member of the Elite?

We the Creators were recently commissioned to create a game to facilitate networking at a conference. It was an evening conference and delegates were being encouraged to think deeply about a topic. We were challenged to put them in the right frame of mind to be open to a new way of learning.

A week before the event, all delegates were sent this secret message:

A few days after this, another message followed:

When delegates arrived, they were given a secret card which told them whether they were a Rebel or a member of the Elite. Their aim was to find out who was on the same side as them, without revealing too early which side they were on, and then either prevent or enable an 'assassination'. Some of them had special roles which gave them superpowers of deduction.

The game not only explored the themes of the evening's talks, but it was a really effective way to get people talking to each other without the usual awkwardness and stifled conversation. 

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