• Sascha Evans

Over-immersed in immersive immersion?

We are reaching saturation point with immersive experiences. Their rise has been meteoric over the last few years. Brands use them continuously to impress and wow their customers.

Many are visually spectacular. Many are opulent. Many are technologically impressive. 

So why do so many of them leave me feeling cold?


The reason is that brands have focussed on the spectacular at the expense of the personal. Frankly, they have been so focussed on ‘showing off’ that they’ve forgotten that, ultimately, humans need at the centre of every experience.

We need to start to think about experiences as a way to enable human connection. In an increasingly polarised world, creating moments of collective experience is increasingly important.

Immersive experiences can enable moments of synchronicity. They can surprise and delight.  And they don’t have to be expensive or hugely tech heavy (although they can be).

Immersion does not just have to be an ‘event’. It can be an approach; a way for brands, charities and the public sector connect with customers and stakeholders, in a deeper and more meaningful way.

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