• Sascha Evans

Wellcome Collection

This video is from an event that We the Creators worked on with New Breed Network. It was supported by the Wellcome Collection. NBN runs a series of innovative events called Think Sprints. Think Sprints have been designed as a way to break through the echo chamber, gathering truly diverse perspectives. They are experiments, testing out new ways to learn and connect people, the insights from which filter into the unique experiences we design on behalf of our clients. They can be applied as a replacement for, or part of, an industry conference, internal event or dinner.

As part of the event, I designed an experience which enabled participants who had never met to join alliances, design strategies and form really intense relationships with each other above and beyond job titles and CVs.

It really reinforced to me the power of shared play.

Social gaming, immersion and adventure can be brought into all sorts of different environments: learning, networking, CX, change management, relationship building, to name a few. At its heart, it’s all about enabling collaboration.

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