wethecreators is a London based experience design studio.

We transform how people think and connect.
We work with brands and social change organisations to help them make better decisions, learn differently and work more collaboratively. 

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wethecreators is founded by Sascha Evans

Sascha is a creative strategist, engagement specialist and innovation consultant.  She has worked with brands such as Google, Marks and Spencer, Royal Academy of Engineering, Wellcome Trust, Bristol Old Vic, Punchdrunk and Battersea Arts Centre

Sascha helps people work together, even when they can't be together. Using her background in theatre and games design, she creates spaces, events and workshops to inspire creative and collaborative thinking.

She also designs quests, games, mysteries and secret missions for adventurous children and inquisitive adults.

Sascha is an instinctive entrepeneur with the tenacity to follow her ideas through. If she tells me she's got a new idea, something special 

is bound to follow.

Tom Morris,

Artistic Director,

Bristol Old Vic

Sascha is a genuinely original thinker, capable of pulling dynamic ideas out of the hat.

She has a rich theatrical background which has honed her creative approach to projects and developed her natural instinct to challenge the conventional.

Mark Borkowski,

Borkowski PR

Sascha has a brilliant ability to think laterally and work creatively, whilst staying clear eyed as to the big picture.

She’s a strategic thinker, and will get the most out of your team, who will be challenged, inspired and energised by her approach.

Emma Stenning,

Trustee of Shakespeare’s Globe (USA)

What We DO

Ways we can help you. 


  • ​We will lead the creative strategy for your online events, with a focus on interactivity and engagement

  • Inspire your team to realise their potential and become more confident in their ideas

  • Consult on how your organisation can be collaborative and creative when working remotely

  • Improve your client engagement and help with the onboarding of new products

  • Help you make the customer experience more meaningful in a virtual world


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